Hi. My name is Justin Kropp. Most people call me Kropp. I'm a designer working on human-centered digital products.

I'm currently a Staff User Experience Designer at Mozilla, working on a range of projects — most notably Pocket. A lot of what I do at Mozilla involves trying to make our products easier to use and provide more value to as many of our customers as possible. My work spans experience design, user research, systems thinking, user interface design, and product strategy.

Most recently, I managed teams and led various projects for Automattic — the makers of WordPress.

Previously, I was the design lead for an iOS and Android reading app called Readmill. It's no longer around, but damn it was good while it was.


I'm interested in the application of contemporary design concepts to digital products and how these concepts can support — and augment — the user's experience of them.

My design practice explores the intersection of traditional principles of graphic design and digital product development and how this exploration can lead to simple, but novel, user interfaces. I call it practice because that what it is: practice. I enjoy pushing into new territory, learning new things, and applying what I've learned to make things just a little bit better than before.

You could say that this is where my design philosophy, and work, finds its locus.